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The Textmapping Project
A resource for teachers improving reading comprehension skills instruction

Online Discussions

Bullet point On this page, you will find a list of online discussions where reading comprehension may be a topic of discussion.

Bullet point. Red arrow pointing to the right. The list of online discussions provides a fast way to cut through the chatter and find conversations that are of interest to you. This can be particularly helpful if you are shopping around to see what's out there.

Bullet point. Red arrow pointing to the right. Use the list of online discussions to drop in and check the latest posts - and to get it done quickly.

Bullet point. Red arrow pointing to the right. You might also want to join one or more listservs for teachers. Listservs are email discussion groups - sometimes called "mailrings". Listservs commonly evolve into small communities of shared interest. The main advantage of listservs derives from two conditions: First, people must join them. Second, the conversation unfolds by email. These two conditions conspire to discourage "drive by commentaries" and non sequitors - most of which are tossed off by people who haven't invested in the conversation. Listserv conversations can, on the other hand, become ingrown and parochial. From this standpoint, the openness and immediacy of online discussion groups can provide welcome relief. In the final analysis, while listservs and online discussion groups each offer unique advantages, it is worth considering that focused and challenging conversations can literally erupt on either of them. For this reason, you may wish to participate in, or monitor, both.

Bullet point. Red arrow pointing to the right. We encourage you to visit the online discussion boards listed below. Ask questions about reading comprehension skills instruction. Contribute to the conversations by relating your own experiences, sharing your ideas, and offering suggestions in response to the questions posted by other teachers.

Bullet point. Red arrow pointing to the right. We hope you find our list of online discussions to be useful. We encourage you to to recommend online discussions for listing on this page. You can help us improve this page by providing feedback.

List of Online Discussions

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